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The following is taken from a sermon given by Lhi Raya Chancandre Aquitaine, a prominent member of the Aristasians/Shining Daughters, on the significance of Lady Day in the Filianic Faith, which is celebrated every year on Culverine 5/March 25. I faithfully transcribed the sermon word for word in order to provide a written article for Filyanis and those who are interested in learning more about our Faith to read. If you discover any errors in my transcription, please inform me about them in the comments below:

Today is the solemn feast of Our Sovereign Lady. As you know, Our Lady has three Titles (the Daughter has three Titles). She is Priestess of the World, Princess of the World, and Queen of Heaven. The Eastre Mystery which we celebrated a few days ago is the Mystery of Our Lady as Priestess of the World, the Great Mediatrix, the Great Redemptress, who through Her Sacrifice mediates maid to God and God to maid, thus fulfilling the highest office of Priestess. Every Priestess in the world is a reflection of Our Lady in Her Supreme Role as Priestess of the World. The first of all of the Queen of Heaven comes and She’s the next major festival after Eastre. It is the Exhaltation of the Queen of Heaven. And between those two comes this day, Lady Day, and that is the festival of the middle of those three titles: Princess of the World.

3476After Our Lady came out from the nethermost depths of Hell, leading the souls that She had awakened out of the Hell into the upper world. It didn’t say that She remained on the upper world, this does not as we have said before it does not mean on this earth or on Sai Herthe. It means in the world of maid, in the world of manifestation. At first She was there for but a short time before She was risen into Heaven to become Queen of Heaven. She did certain things and our reading tells us about some of those things. Much of what She did was to bring the Law of Thamë to the children of the Earth. This is what Princess of the Earth really means because Our Lady is not a wordly Princess, She is the Law of Thamë, the Way of Heaven in this world. So, when we follow thamë, when we follow the right way of the Way of Heaven, we are following the Princess of the World. And to some extent, She speaks against the world. She says “You have gained knowledge of the world.” Now, where did the children of the earth gain knowledge of the world? They gained it when they turned away from the Mother. So they gained knowledge of the things of the world in separation from Dea. That is the nature of our fallen condition. So she says, “You have gained knowledge of the world. But I say, be not wise with the wisdom of the world, nor proud with the pride of the world, nor straight with the pomp of the world, neither lose yourself in any of the ways and fashions of the world, but come to Me as little children in the pure simplicity of your hearts and the virgin innocence of your souls. For truly, all of you are children in the eyes of your Mother. And I shall receive all who come as Her children.” So, She is Princess of the World. She governs the world in such a way that we in the world may follow Her and tread the way of Heaven, so that we live in the world by the Light of the Spirit.

s2oneh2As it says in the Great Hymn to Mahalakshmi, She gives both wealth and enjoyment and liberation. She is not saying that we should not enjoy the things of the world, but She is saying “do not lose yourself in the ways and fashions of the world. Do not be wise with the wisdom of the world,” meaning the wisdom that is severed from the Wisdom of the Spirit. You must live in the world following the Princess of the World, as the Princess of the World is not of the world. She is the Princess of the World, the world belongs to Her, but She does not belong to the world. And She is Our Mistress; She is Our Lady.

godesses mahalakshmiAnd it is interesting that against this wisdom of the world, this worldliness, She sets child-like way. But rather than being full of independence (Independence is such a watch-word of Telluria in the West), instead of being independent we should be children who look to Our Mother to sustain us, and feed us, and show us what to do from day to day, so that we are not wordly creatures, we are children of the Mother. “Come yourselves to Me and all faults shall be forgiven.” And She also unites Her children in one body. That is the body of those who worship Her, the Great Celestial Temple of Our Lady. “I shall unite you all who love me in one great body, the highest and the lowest, the living and the dead, those who falter at the door and those who have climbed to the highest tower, all shall be one in my body which I have given to the world and all shall be nourished in my spirit. For we are not creatures of the flesh, not creatures of the world of matter, but children of Our Mother, servants of Our Lady, followers of the Princess of the World.