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This is the first update I have made to Goddess of 10,000 Names in over a month, and I would like to begin with saying that I am happy to be back! I am slowly integrating myself back into my regular routine and catching up on all the exciting events that have happened in the Filianic community during my time away.

I had been suffering from a severe depression that arose from a  combination of frustration with my job and loneliness. I cut back on working so much, but the extra time on my hands became a dark pit of loneliness. My life was no longer as stressful as before, but it was more empty than ever. I knew to return to doing things that I once enjoyed, but I could not muster the energy to accomplish anything. It’s a very strange feeling of being utterly demoralized and unmotivated that occurs periodically and usually lasts anywhere from a few days to a few months.

But last night, for no apparent reason, it was as though a light switched on in my mind. I instantly felt a sense of normalcy and comfort that I had not felt for the past couple of months and decided that I would use this surge of positive energy to accomplish many of the goals I had delayed. Beginning to write again was of course the first goal I had in mind.

To everyone, thank you for your prayers! May Dea bless you all as She has blessed me!