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When I first learned about the modern Goddess worship movement, I felt intrigued by the idea. A modern religion built upon Goddess worship seemed wonderful, especially since I had believed before that the sacred practice had been relegated to the pre-patriarchal history books. Then I delved deeper into learning about the “religion” and became more and more disillusioned. Every article about “empowering the goddess archetypes within” felt less about religion and more about feminist self-help. I found myself shaking my head at the treatment of Goddesses in group introductions and creeds, such as this one taken from the group “Within Every Woman Is a Goddess:

“We will join together in sacred
space to honor ourselves and empower the Divine Feminine in each of us.  All

women are invited from all walks of life; we do not follow any particular belief
system other than the fact that every woman is a Goddess.
We will work with the Goddess archetypes mined from the myths of societies
across the globe and across the millennium and will use meditation, dance,
drumming, and/or craft work to guide and assist us on this journey.
Be prepared to drum, to dance, to howl, to find your real inner wild woman


What stands out to me in this treatment of the Goddesses as “archetypes”, describing them as “mined from myths of societies cross the globe and across the millennium”. I think it’s important to focus on the word “mined”, with the connotations of an object being extracted from it’s home for purposes of human consumption. This seems to be the attitude of modern “Goddess spirituality”, that the Goddesses exist for women’s personal needs and desires rather than as Deities (or in Filianism, different Janyati stemming from One Deity) worthy of honour and worship. Traditional Jungian archetypal concepts of God of course focus more on “God within the psyche” rather than cosmic intelligence. Modern “Goddess worship” (more like woman worship) simply hi-jacked Carl Jung’s psychology work, added a feminist twist, and climbed on the Neo-Pagan bandwagon.


I’m of the opinion that we, as well as all life and all humans, not only women but men as well, have a spark of Dea within us. After all, we are all Her children and we are all her Creation. The miracle of Life itself demonstrates this beautiful truth. Our True Self is in perfect harmony with Dea, although unfortunately in this Tamasic world of ignorance and darkness, it is overshadowed more often than not by the False Self. What modern Goddess spirituality’s self-worship misses out on is connection with any higher principle other than one’s self. When we listen to pseudo-spiritual hippie gurus for spiritual guidance in matters of “embracing the Goddess within”, we become more and more enmeshed in our narcissistic, materialistic, contemporary culture and politics, rather than liberating ourselves with universal, timeless spiritual truths.


Within Every Woman is a Goddess!

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Within Every Woman is a Goddess!Come and join us on our journey toInvoke the Inner GoddessWe will join together in sacredspace to honor ourselves and empower the D…

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