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I have been out of commission for the past week due to a painful toothache. Actually I should rephrase that, a painful cheek ache. Although it’s my sideways growing right wisdom tooth that is causing the pain, the tooth itself does not hurt, but the constant scraping against my cheek and resulting sore does. I finally broke down and decided to have it looked into and taken out by an oral surgeon on Monday.

On a side note, in my meanderings on Google I found out that in Nepal there is a toothache god called Vaishya Dev. Legend goes that if you have a toothache and nail a coin to the tree (well, more of a lump than a tree), you will find relief. Vaishya Dev is conveniently located on an old dental street where many traditional tooth pullers still work.


I suppose the cost of getting my wisdom teeth pulled, without dental insurance, will probably balance out the cost of going to Nepal to visit Vaishya Dev. Oh joy.