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Elizabeth Ann Seton (who also happens to be my matron saint, as I am a cradle Catholic) once said “We must pray without ceasing, in every occurrence and employment of our lives.” Quite a feat to accomplish, I must say!


So many times we get caught up in the miniscule details, we don’t see the larger, wider picture of reality. We disconnect from that vast energy; we become depressed, tired, anxious, frustrated. I believe that we all need to take a few moments throughout the day, take a step back, and reconnect to our Mother Dea.

Here are a few steps of how I am currently trying to do this as a general idea. I wake up in the morning, think of Dea and all the wonderful blessings She has given me in allowing me another day to do Her work here on earth. I go to breakfast, sometimes I think of the source of my meal for the day in thanking Her first and then thanking the plant/animal that provided their life so that I may have something to eat (I really find this a noble practice, I just have a bad habit about eating and THEN thanking later, or while I am eating, rather than blessing the food beforehand like I want to). I see the farms and nature on my way to school, and I contemplate the beauty of Dea’s creation. I also have a personal practice of touching a tree on campus before going into class each day, as I feel it develops a special relationship with that tree and I also have found that trees have a special energy radiating from them that I can attune myself to. The same goes for my travel on the way to work.

I am really trying to remember Dea and the larger, deeper realities of life throughout the day. How do you add prayer into your life?